CDI ignition systems and accessories Located in Northwest OHIO Model Engine Electronics

I will continue to build 3 of my CDI Ignition Systems.

Standard Single Spark CDI, Magnum CDI (for high speed), and Twin Cylinder CDI (also known as Waste Fire CDI)
I also have some Accessory Items still available and have left 2 of the web pages up for now.
I am in the process of closing down S/S Machine & Enigneering LLC so there will no longer be a PayPal account.
Please email me for any requests you may have. I will only take orders for CDI's and accessories by email.
As soon as all the paper work is done and I can get reorganized, I will be molding some of Bruce Satra's distributor parts.
I did put in an order for Snow Seals the first of this year so they will be available.

Thank you to all who have supported me over the years and I hope to see many of you at the engine shows next year. Be well and safe and thank you so very much.

Roy Sholl
16940 County Road T
Fayette, OH 43521

ph. (419) 452-6042